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(thank you all for participating and sharing your St. Paddy' Day Traditions!)

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Are you ready for another give-a-way? Inspired Spaces is hosting the give-a-way this month! To enter, please click on the give - a - way title above and leave me a comment. Does anyone have any St. Patrick's Day traditions? I LOVE holidays!!!! St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorites!!! In our home we make green jell-o squares and put our favorite fruit in the jell-o. We also like to make clover sugar cookies with plenty of green frosting and sprinkles on top. I would love to hear what you do on this holiday!

In your comment, please leave your email address along with your St. Paddy's Day thought. I will be doing a random drawing. The winner will be announced on Sunday, February 22nd. The winner will receive one of the frames (picture above) or a $15 gift certificate to Inspired Spaces! Check out Inspired Spaces!!!! There are a lot of excellent priced, cute home decorations!!!!

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Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!


Tiffani said...

one of our fun family traditions for St. Patrick's day is we make green cookies, put green coloring in our milk, eat lucky charms and watch movies! : ) i have two boys, (10 year old and 7 year old) and they love it...especially my husband!!
thanks for all your cute backgrounds!

Travis and Heather said...

Our St. Patrick's Day tradition is to have a green breakfast for dinner. We have green pancakes, green eggs, green milk, etc. We deck out our table with green decorations. It is so fun and I am the third generation to carry out this tradition. I love your site and appreciate your cute backgrounds.

Tiffani said...

oops! i forgot to leave my e-mail address! : )

Leslie said...

My nieces birthday is on St. Paddy's Day so I always think of her. However anything GREEN helps celebrate our day and sugar cookies are a must. I want to do something different so anxious to read more ideas.

Taina said...

Those frames are SUPER cute! LoVe them!! I don't have any kids yet, so no traditions in our family, but growing up we had to wear green or we would get pinched. Does everyone do that or was it just us? Oh and your backgrounds are so fun! I just changed my background to the Vintage one! Thanks!

Melissa said...

The frames are CUTE!! Your backgrounds are absolutely adorable..I will be changing to a St. Patrick Day theme SOON!! We honestly do not have any St. Patrick Day traditions...except maybe having Reuben's for dinner...but the kiddos are not quite into corned beef and cabbage just yet! LOL Thanks for hosting this wonderful givaway!

Melissa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debe said...

we used green food coloring in ALL our food... milk, pancakes, mayo, soup, etc. We also wear green.
I LOVE your site!

Jenny said...

Well, we always wear green of course! :)

ab said...

We love to make green shamrock pancakes in the morning for St. Patty's Day! The kids love it. I also adore your site. You are so talented! I would love to see more birthday templates if time allows it! Thanks for helping to make my blog fun!
Abby Fowers

Knittin' Mama said...

Hi - what a fun idea! Thanks for sharing! I don't really have a fun tradition for St. Patrick's Day, but I think I may try green pancakes or green rice crispy treats this year!! My email is!
Love your backgrounds!!

Melissa said...

I also love celebrating all the holidays, it's fun to create traditions for my kids. I like to make a green breakfast including green eggs, & then I like to make corned beef & cabbage for dinner, and of course we all wear green!

Maja said...

We don't have a St. Patrick's day but green is my favorite color, so a green holiday is something for me! I just love your backgrounds and borders and the give away is GREAT!
My e mail is

Tonya said...

We ALWAYS wear green to avoid the pinches! And we eat green eggs and ham for dinner!


I don't really have too many St. Patricks Day traditions yet, my boys are really young, but I think this year will be good to start. We for sure wear green though. I enjoyed reading everyones traditions, good ideas. I love your St. Patricks Day backgrounds, and especially love the headers. Thank you so much for doing these.

Janaca said...

Some of my favorite St. Patrick's Day traditions are of course wearing green, and we also make shamrock sugar cookies! Thanks for your wonderful site.

Scrappy Gifts said...

What a great giveaway; love the decor! I don't really have a St. Patrick's Day tradition yet except that I always try and wear green that day. When I have older children, I would definitely love to do more fun things with the holiday....definitely decorating sugar cookies together. My e-mail

Anonymous said...

I really love their decor! Our traditions growing up were so funny. Every year, my mom would make all of our meals green. Green pancakes, green sandwiches, green was insane! And I remember wearing a headband that had two green-glittered clovers on springs to school. Yes, that's right, to school. Luckily, it was only elementary school!

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

We just usually wear green. I have a friend who always plants her potatoes.

Amanda said...

Yeah for the backgrounds being up. When I get home (on my phone now) I will have to grab one.

St. Patty's we do it up. Corned Beef, potatos, and I make some green snake shaped bread!

Of course we wear green and all of that.

J.E. said...

We Love St Patty's Day! My husband does this one- He always cooks corned beef and cabbage, and puts food coloring in the sprite so it's green! And of course, we always wear our green for the day!
*Thanks for all the cute backgrounds!

Anonymous said...

In my family...we are definitely pinchers. We HAVE to wear green (and underwear does NOT count). It seems that wouldn't be very fun, but our family always makes up weird rules just so they can pinch its super fun!!

Jason, Erin, and Hannah said...

We never really did anything fun for St. Patricks day which is super disappointing. We just made sure we wore green to school so we didn't get pinched. I would like to start some fun traditions in my family now though so the ideas are fun.

Sam and Tayla said...

Besides wearing green, my family has a tradition that I will definitely continue with my own kids. The morning of St Patrick's there would be a trail to follow which would lead to a small treasure and a note from Mom saying how "lucky" she was to have us as kids. I still have those notes.

Jennifer O. said...

Oh, I HAVE to get some traditions going for St. Patrick's Day!!! :) We have a "blended" family of "mine, his and ours", so creating traditions can be hard sometimes, because sometimes the holidays don't fall on the days when we are all together. But, what we try to do is celebrate the holiday (any holiday) on the closest day when we are all together. The main thing I like to do besides the standard wearing-o-the-green is listen to Celtic music. I LOVE Celtic music!!! :) Thanks so much for the great templates!! :)

Ty & Em said...

One of our family traditions is I make a green breakfast! (green eggs and green pancakes) We also decorate shamrock sugar cookies with green frosting! The frames are sooooo cute!

Andy & Gini said...

The frames are adorable! I am also a big fan of the background templates. One of our traditions for St Patti's day has been that my mom took one of each mine and my siblings shoes, put it outside at night, and in the morning, the leprechaun had come and left us little chocolate coins and candy in each of our shoes! Kind of a fun little tradition I hope to do with my little girl as well... My email is

JT42 said...

my kids have been too little to start the one i had as a kid...the leprachan's come and leave footprints to something green with a little "treasure"...i am SO excited to start it this year for my kiddos!!

Tasha said...

I've never really had a major St. Patrick's Tradition, but I always make sure to wear green and with my little boy growing up I think we will need to make a green eggs and ham breakfast... It's always fun to start new traditions! I love your backgrounds, I think they are the cutest backgrounds on the internet and I'm not just saying that for a give-a-way! :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Main tradition is sugar cookies in the shapes of clovers with green frosting. I have also dipped strawberries in green chocolate (get white chocolate and use food coloring) They turn out really cute.

Blackham Family said...

I just came across your blog and love what you have done. St pattys day is one holiday we dont do to much just make cookies. my email is

Bekki said...

We go for the green themed food- Whatever can be dyed, it's green.
Love the give-a-ways!

Heather said...

Okay, so we don't have any traditions for St. Patrick's Day. Stef's school requires uniforms, so no green can be worn. I usually forget about it until I show up at work, then about half way through the day I figure out why 90% of my students are wearing green :)

sylsumida said...

Would love to see a background supporting autism awareness as that is in April and affects so many kids right now. As a mom who has a child afflicted with this, I would love to have a way to blog and support this cause.
Love your backgrounds and headers!

Brett & Jayme said...

On St. Patricks day we always make corned beef and cabbage. A lot of people don't like it, but I think it's yummy! And my family is part Irish. Anyway, I love your layouts!! They are cutest ones out of all of the sites! :)
ps... I would love it if you could make more layouts with polka dots! With some fun, bright colors! :)

Bonita said...

When I was younger I would take green kool-aid and mix it with about 1/3 cup water, then comb it through my hair. Rinse and comb out. Green hair for about 3 days. My parents hated it but it was so much fun.
I love your site!

The Driaza Jrs. said...

This is such an adorable blog! I'm so excited, and was referred to it by a friend! St. Patrick's honestly hasn't been high on the celebration list for us, but this lil' 5 year old is very excited for it! I think I'll be incorporating some of these ideas to make new traditions!

Lene said...

We have always made sure we were wearing green and maybe the milk might be green, but I have been inspired by some bloggers who really have fun for St Patty's day.


The Westover Family said...

SO DANG CUTE! love the vinyl on the painted frames! would be PERFECT for my home!
On St. Pat's day we turn everything green that we eat...we have green eggs and ham and green milk for breakfast then we read the Dr. Suess book green eggs and ham! it's so fun!

Kim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kim said...

LOVE your backgrounds! We love to bake sugar cookies and put green foodcoloring in them to give them a green tint with green frosting, and we also like to wear a little green somewhere that no one can see so we can pinch them back when they pinch us : )

**sorry- forgot my email

Azure said...

I used to make green oatmeal, pancakes, or waffles when I was little, but not many people would eat them because they didn't look very appetizing. I love your backgrounds!!!

6th HFPE said...

Love your backgrounds, and LOVE St. Patrick's Day! Best part about St. Patrick's day is writing silly limericks about people.

Em said...

This is my first visit to your blog! I love the backgrounds! I love St. Patty's too. Our only tradition is to make green pancakes for breakfast. The kids love it!

Cindy said...

We don't have a lot of St. Patty's traditions. We just wear green!

Christina said...

You're really making a name for yourself with your adorable backgrounds/headers. Thanks!

And we don't have any St. Patty traditions yet...I'm trying to come up with something creative.

We are Stephen, Kelly and Gracie said...

I love your site! Your backgrounds are so cute. I'd like to enter the give-a-way! My e-mail is kellymiller83 at msn dot com.

Jean said...

In kjindergarten, the leprechaun played tricks on my son's class. Every year after that he built a trap out of a shoe box and baited it with lucky charms. The leprechaun would do tricks around the house - place chairs on tables, hang photos upside down, etc - and leave him treats. We did this for years.

Love your site!!

Tolman Heaven said...

I love the DECOR! One of our family traditions on St. Patrick's day is dress up all in green head to toe with lots of green glitter and go to the parade. A few years back we got to meet the one of the munchkins from the wizard of OZ he was so nice and we got to take a picture with him.

Steph said...

I love your cute site! Our traditions include dying all of the food we eat green. And of course looking out for those not wearing green so we can give pinches!

Katie and Co. said...

Thanks for such an amazing website! It really makes my day, and my blog!

St. Patty's day usually consists of frantically searching for something green at the last minute before running out the door. This year I think I'll start a green waffle/pancake tradition!

The Neilsen Family said...

This is adorable! I absolutely love the fun themes you have. Thank you so much for all of your ideas!

The Swain's said...

Bake green cookies! Those frames are so cute! My b-day is two days after St. Patrick's so I wouldn't mind getting them for my B-day.. :)

Mike and Emily McDougal Family said...

We have many traditions. We always have to wear green! Plus we always eat Green colored food - green pancakes and milk for breakfast and then green items for dinner (Peas, Jello, etc.) It is a lot of fun! The kids absolutely love it! Your website is so cute and I can't wait to use one of your St.Patty's Day backgrounds!!!

Jones' Adventures said...

We are all Irish so we like to have cabbage and corn beef for dinner and of course you have to wear green!

Dany said...

I am always looking for new holiday traditions. We live by both of our families and don't want to keep up with ALL of theirs, we want our own. I have loved looking through everyone elses to get ideas. I hadn't thought too much about St. Patricks day, even though our last name is Hurley!

Kellie said...

First, I love your site...thanks! I found it through a fellow blogger :) I love St. Patty's day...I have always done a "traditional" brisket dinner with cabbage (I actually really like it) and I think this year I will start a new green lunch tradition with the kiddos. We also like to do sugar cookies, green, of course! Thanks again for you site!


Herrell Family said...

I love your blog. Thanks for sharing. It makes my blog look awesome! We don't do anything big for St. Patrick's day - just make sure we wear green or we get pinched!

Ashleigh said...

My mom was always big on holidays but never made a big deal out of St. Patrick's Day. I, however, feel inclined to go buy all the decorations that are at Ross this week, and make my husband green eggs & ham for breakfast.
Ashleigh-who-loves-your-picture-frames :)

Ashleigh said...

ps: my address is

Clint, Rachel, and Hailee said...

I came across your blog and I love it. We don't have any St. Patricks day traditions yet but I have an 8 month old and want to start fun traditions with her. The picture frames are so cute. Thanks also for all the cute backgrounds and headers.

Clint, Rachel, and Hailee said...

my email address is

Chelsey said...

It's my mom's b-day on St. patrick's day so we have celebrated with green parties

My addy

Grams said...

We are starting a new St. Patrick's Day tradition by using your darling templates on our blogs!

Love, Grams & Megs

jami said...

i have just discovered your blog through a friend and love it!
i wish we had a fun st. patrick's day celebration and this year, since my kids are actually old enough, we may just have to go green! :)

Megan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Megan said...

I heard about your blog from a cousin of mine and I love, love love your templates! We wear green that day and this year I was thinking of doing some fun green snacks for the kids and of course a green template too!! Thanks for all your cute backgrounds! my email address is

Alice Jane said...

I love your blog. I just found it and I love love love it!

On St Patrick's day we have to start the day by reading green eggs and ham. Then lucky charms and green jell-o for breakfast. For afternoon snack, sugar cookies with green frosting. We are also sure to wear something green! I hate being pinched!

The Parrish Family said...

You are so awesome for doing this!
We eat everything green that day!!! ANd of course wear green!!!!

The Parrish Family said...

Sorry I forgot to put my email-

Britnae and Domenic said...

This is so fun! I absolutely LOVE fun traditions, especially around the holidays. For St. Patrick's day my mom always colored our milk with green food coloring during the night while we were sleeping! She also used to ding dong ditch and leave bags of goodies on the door step while she ran around to the back door so we wouldn't know it was her.

We ALWAYS thought that it was a leprechaun!

Now that I am married I want to celebrate even more, so I think I am going to start some new traditions like making green treats (because who doesn't love treats and when better to justify than the holidays!) and watching some fun movies.

Maybe I can get some great Ideas from fellow bloggers who have posted theirs! Thanks so much. You have some seriously cute designs!

kdance10 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kdance10 said...

I do remember one thing that i did for my niece and nephew before i had my own kids. I cutt out little leprechaun footprints and taped them everywhere then made them follow them to find the pot of gold(Golden treats of course) I will have to do it for my three kids this year i totally forgot about this. Thanks for making me remember(: Thanks for making such cute layouts & for doing fun givaways

kdance10 said...

I forgot to give ya my email. it's

NikkiAWardell said...

Our kids love to try to make little contraptions to trap the leprachauns. They have made little St Patty's Day gingerbread houses, nets, trap doors and more to try to catch them. However, they are never quite able to but the Leprechauns usually leave them some sort of little chocolate coins!!
I love the St Patty's Day backgrounds!!

Bradley, MaryAnn, and Aimee said...

I totally love your blog! Thanks for providing such cute blogger templates. You know, we didn't have any St. Patty's day traditions growing up, so I'm going to have to start one of my own!

Jack and Daynalee said...

I LOVE your blog. You definately have the cutest backgrounds. I also love these frames... and would love to win! St. Patties day I usually make an entire meal out of green food. I use lots of food coloring. Green rolls, potatoes, chicken gravy with green noodles, salad... you catch the drift. My hubby thinks it's oober gross.

Don and Kelley said...

With the maiden name of Donovan-Corcoran, you can believe we celebrate St. Patrick's Day! We don't color our food green. We eat traditional Irish food! It is a day I teach my children about their heritage. I love your backgrounds.

The Naven Family said...

Since we were little every year for St. Patrick's Day my Mom has made corn beef and cabbage! I love it, and it is such a wonderful tradition! We never have to ask, what's for dinner that day...we just know! I can't wait to start the tradition with my family! i love your site by the way! You have the cutest backgrounds! Thanks f or the give away!

Melanie said...

It was GREEN DAY at our house. Green clothes, green makeup, green milk, green pancakes, green mashed potatoes, green ketchup, green, green, green! These were just some of the things my dad found (throughout the years) to dye green.

Love the backgrounds, and I'm happy for the chance to win this give-away

The Porters said...

We just do the usual wear green, and of course the green food coloring in our food. Mainly our morning pancakes (green pancakes...kinda scary but very tasty lol)Thanks for the many cute backgrounds!!

Nathan & Rachael said...

My husband's birthday is on St. Pattie's Day so it is always a fun day! Last year I had a surprise b-day party for him and everything was decorated green. This year I want to do the whole green eggs and ham (or something green and yummy) for him! I love this site and the give away is awesome. Thanks!

Nick, Kristen, Kaysen and Breklyn said...

We don't do anything original in our family, I do like to make green cookies and of course we wear green so we don't get "pinched" that day.

jen said...

I paint my daughers finger and toe nails green and we have a totally green dinner... And of course lots of pinching!

Tammy said...

Hello there! I have to say I love your site, here. So many gorgeous backgrounds and headers. I like the new look for March.
I always make corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots. It's a traditional Irish meal and we love it. Other than that we wear green for the day but that's about it for us. I like to bog an Irish blessing or two, as well.
Love the sounds of the green jello and fruit. Might have to borrow that one and see how it goes over.
I love the giveaway prizes and would be delighted to be entered to win.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Cody & Brittney Long said...

We try to go on a picnic and "watch for rainbows" we hide a treasure pot and let the kids watch for leprechauns find it!!!

Still Memories said...

Something that my mom always did and I try to do it too, is she would make all of the food we ate that night green. So the Mashed potatoes would be green, the breading on chicken, gravy, green beans, and green punch. :) it's fun..:)
Thanks. Micklena
P.S. I love your blog:)

The Lind Family said...

The night before St. Paddy's day the boys set up a "trap". It is actually an old green bird cage that I have. They rig it up so that when the leprechaun trys to sneak in to get a treat, the door will shut behind him. No leprechauns have been caught yet...but he always leaves a surprise for the kids. Usually gold coins. I set up the breakfast table with green napkins and glasses and serve Lucky Charms and green milk. For dinner we have the traditional Irish dinner of corned beef, potatoes, rye bread,carrots and clover sugar cookies. And, of course, you MUST wear green all day or you will get pinched!
Thanks for hosting this great give a way...
I love the backrounds you have!

The Millers said...

Leprechans come to our house the night before St Patty's Day. They get distracted while they are here and have to hide their gold all over the house before we wake up. We use the gold dollar coins to make the kids excited to find them. In the morning the kids take little black pots, made of paper or you can buy them at halloween (black cauldrons) and fill them with gold. We have lots of fun.

We Are Family said...

We love to listen to celtic music and my step father started the boys dancing around the house to it. We also make all our drinks green. This year we will be moving so we won't be able to really do anything for St patty's day! We love your site and thanks for the boyish backgrounds. The boys have been fighting over which one they want me to use next, Thanks!
The Evans Family

Kamilli Vanilli said...

Love your backgrounds!
I love St. Patrick's day...we usually have a party of sorts...with everything green, and we write crazy limericks about each other and listen to Irish music.

Jason and Mackenzie said...

I love St. Patrick's Day because it is my birthday. Ever since I can remember, Lenny the Leprachaun comes and hides a treasure for us to find. He leaves a note and usually some footprints that leads to green treats. We also wake up to Irish music and a green breakfast...down to the butter shaped like a shamrock!

Phillip and Sara said...

my email is and I actually don't have any st. patty's traditions....although I might do something for my kids, maybe do everything green for the day? thanks for the cute backgrounds, love 'em!

Jess said...

Well, besides the basics, like wearing green to avoid being pinched and taking a new family photo altogether...I make a bunch of loaves of traditional Irish Soda Bread and deliver it to our friends and family.

Then for dinner I go through some of my grandfather's favorite recipes, from his youth growing up in Ireland. Then we have an Irish feast and invite everyone we can to it. Its always a big deal to celebrate our Irish heritage on St. Patty's Day.

Did you know that Corned Beef and Cabbage is not what people in Ireland make for their St. Patty's Day Feast? That is actuallly an Irish American custom. Its a common misconception.

Thanks so much for sharing your super cute backgrounds and headers with us all. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours! =)

Rowleys said...

We didn't have any traditions until I got married. Now, every St.Patrick's Day, we got to my mother-in-law's for dinner. She decks out on the green table and food. She serves us corned beef and cabbage w/ green jello and green sherbet w/ sprite as a drink. She also buys irish bread w/ our meal. Then, after we eat, she'll give us the "green" quiz where every question has the word green in the answer.

Kristi said...

On St. Patty's day, we wake up to green pancakes shaped like clovers. My mom always said they couldn't pinch us, cause we had the green in our tummys! I love the site and all your backgrounds and headers! Thanks so much

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