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Thanks everyone for participating and sharing your spring cleaning ideas! I love then all!!

Vitality Spa is hosting our Spring Give-a-Way! Please leave comment with your name and email. Also, please share with us some of your spring cleaning secrets.

Take a look at Vitality Spa's Blog! Rachel is offering a free pedicure to the randomly selected winner. Jump into spring with some "Happy Toes!" Her blog offers some great advise on how to feel young, healthy, happy and beautiful!! Check it out!

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Brett & Jayme said...

I like to clean out my closet and get rid of Winter clothes. And then I go and buy new Summer clothes! :) This way my clothes don't keep piling up year after year.
~Jayme Henry

amy said...

i work in the yard :) Being outside, in the sun, listening to my girls giggle while I work make me happiest.

Anderson Family said...

I love to have my carpets cleaned in the spring! after all the snow and mud that has been dragged in over the past few months they need a good professional cleaning! And I always buy a can of white paint and repaint my baseboards, it just makes a fresh clean look, and for not very much money or effort.
Nicole Anderson

Shannon and Casey said...

After I get all my closets cleaned out and everything organized, I hire someone to do a deep cleaning of my entire house! I feel like it's new again, and I didn't have to spend all week doing it myself!
Shannon Flanigan

Liz Wilcken said...

oooohhh....I live in provo!!! And it's my birthday tomorrow! My newest favorite thing that I've started using for my spring cleaning is Freecycle.org !!! They're similar to Craigslist, but EVERYTHING is free. You can ask for things and get them for free or GET RID OF STUFF and it'll be claimed within a couple of hours, and someone will COME GET IT FROM YOU. You don't have to go anywhere. I love it. I've gotten rid of ever so much stuff already in the last 2 weeks! It's a program to help keep items out of land fills. You won't believe what people will take! One mans junk is another man's treasure!

LacyAsher#1 said...

One of my things that I do for Spring cleaning is I have my kids go through their toys and pick the ones that they don't play with anymore or that they haven't played with in a while and we give them to the D.I. That way other kids can have a chance to have the toys and we clear out some of the clutter.
Lacy Asher

Necia said...

This year I will probably continue to unpack boxes and organize our new home. I may invest in a good carpet cleaning since we are at the end of a very snowy and dirty winter.
{Necia Tomlinson - happysha@hotmail.com}

Anonymous said...

Definitely, A window washing! When the sun finally comes out in the Spring here in Logan we like to open the windows! But if they're all yucky it ruins the beautiful scene out side!

Nicole said...

On of the things that makes the biggest difference in my spring cleaning routine is CLEANING THE BLINDS. Also I wash on gentle all of my drapes/curtains. You cannot believe how much better and brighter they look. The easiest way is to remove on set at a time and dip them into your bathtub with some laundry detergent. It works wonders!!!


Marie said...

We clean our baseboards. Do they get dirty. I also do the blinds.

Marie and Jon


K P said...

Having clean windows is always a great way to enjoy Spring! I love working together as a family washing the windows and screens.


Kr!sty said...

I like to change my air filters to eliminate dust & get all my vents super clean! The air is easier to breathe when I have to be inside! :)
Kristy Edwards

Sutherland Family said...

Ashley Sutherland

I take unused clothes to platos closet and i get cash for some of them, then I go buy new stuff!

Suzie-Q said...

Suzanne Owens

Spring cleaning at our house is done more then once a year but for starters-- clean the windowns so that the "fresh" light can come through and make you happy for SPRING!!

Eric said...

I think the garage needs a good sweep to get rid of all the crud that comes in on our cars! YUCK!! Cute stuff Amy!

Brooke Richardson

Danielle said...

I love to wash all my shutters with vinegar water to get all the grime that has accumulated.


Jack and Daynalee said...

I love to de-clutter. Pull out all my boxes in the closets and under the beds and find out what I really need and what I can get rid of. I sell tons of stuff online and get rid of my crap in the process!

Dayna Ady

Beckstrand7 said...

A big DI run, and clearing away yard mess from the fall/winter blahs.

Susan Beckstrand

Mike and Sam Berry said...

I do flower bed & workingin the yard. I love the smell of Spring/Summer. Having the windows open & getting the fresh air!
Sam Berry

The Alvey's said...

I like to do my windows and blinds and wash my curtains. I put my blinds in the bath tub and scrub them with a tooth brush and green scrub pad. I also like to sweep the drive way and get all the gravel from the winter off. clean the fridge and freezers. and so on and so on. cleaning helps bring on the SPRING>>>>

Erin said...

I rotate the mattresses in the house. (Put the top down at the bottom). You won't believe the difference it makes!
Erin Neville

Kristy said...

I first wash all the windows, blinds, and vents then I change all my bedspreads and window coverings to a brighter, lighter color.

I love the idea of repainting the baseboards and think I will do just that this weekend! Thanks for all the great tips.

Kristy Keeler

Fox Family said...

First we start with the yard, plant flowers and clean up from winter. Then we switch winter clothes for summer. We also love to pull out the bikes and outdoor toys. Me and my family love the spring and summer.
~~Jennifer Fox

Jen said...

I like to plant flowers in my yard to cheer things up and then I start my pile of stuff to get rid of! twinsej @ gmail.com

Mickey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Koford Family said...

I would love that prize and after adjusting to a new baby I have kind of let myself go, physically and mentally. I'm Lacie Koford, and my email is:

andrea and heathe said...

these are all such great spring cleaning tips! this is such a good idea! hmmm...spring cleaning tips. every year we get our carpets cleaned, wash our bed spreads, clean the windows, and DI-ing all my old clothes that don't fit. i know everyone said all those things...sorry i'm not original :)
andrea weston

Mickey said...

Because my boys are growing so fast & have usually outgrown last summers clothes, I like to go through their closets during spring break & donate everything that no longer fits to charity. They like to help because they know it means shopping for new summer clothes when we're done.

Nice clean windows to let the sunshine in are always nice too!

Michelle Escamilla

Alicia and my boys said...

I like to get things out that I haven't used at all in the last year...then I send them to a charity. So my house isn't full of junk and hopefully I can help someone else in need.
Alicia Hansen

JeFf * niChOle * HuDsoN said...

Nichole Walker

I like to go through everything and have a yard sale!
I also like cleaning out all the leaves and garbage that have blown into little corners, window wells and other hiding places in the yard!

leah said...

I can't wait to get out in the yard. I love pruning my trees and bushes, strange I know. I just can't wait for the new growth.

I am 8 months pregnant and would love a pedicure.

Leah West

Tiff George said...

I love to clean out EVERYTHING! It does my winter-blues some good to go through and do a thorough house cleaning and then get out in the sunshine and do some yard work. It is therapy! My spring-cleaning tip is this: start from the top and work your way to the bottom. This way, all the dust and dirt will gather at the bottom of whatever you're working on and you can sweep it up all at once instead of having to go back and re-dust some things. Happy first day of spring!

Veronica Tyler said...

I love to wash walls and base boards - My arms are so sore the next day I know I've had a good work out and no more mud from the winter, little orange fingerprints....

The Blackham3 said...

I actually do a "winter cleaning" so i can spend the most time posible outside during the best time of the year in Utah! I love to open all the windows and let the fresh air in. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a pedi! Thank for the great offers!
~Jen Blackham

Cwengre said...

I go room to room and clean everything!!! We pack up what we don't want anymore and sell it in a garage sale late spring. Whatever doesn't sell we donate.

"THE KINIKINI'S" said...

We do in and outside work..outside we clean out all our rain gutters and trim our trees...they accually grow full bloom faster this way when you do it in the spring! Inside we shampoo carpets, couches, bed spreads, put away winter clothes or donate them...rearrange each room beds(go on different walls) dressers,and couches too! when I was little my mom always did this so now I do it for my 6 kids...they love it, plus it's nice to change it up a little once in a while, what better time than spring eh?

It's a lot of work in my house especially with 6 kids under the age of 7! But it's a great way to bring in SPRING!

Thanks for reading my novel! :D


Gwen said...

I have big plans for spring cleaning this year. When we moved into our house we first moved into the garage. This spring we are getting rid of all the stuff that has sat there for 2 years. After that it's Mission:Organization.


Tracie said...

I use Greased Lighting cleaner( I get it at Home Depot) to clean my carpets,windows, showers/bathtub, etc. it has so many uses. It even took paint and stainer out of my husbands pants.

Steve, Brie, Carson, & Landon said...

I live in Arizona but am originally from Utah and will be spending a lot of the summer there so if I won, location wouldn't be a problem. My husband is in medical school and I am a mom of two boys. I have never (other than doing it myself) had a pedicure. I think it's time that I get one. I would love to win. One of my spring cleaning tips is to clean your window sills and blinds. It's not something that we do often but it looks so much better when it's done. My email is briejw@gmail.com and my name is obviously Brie. Thanks!

StephNyd said...

I take two closets a day for about a week and go through clothes, shoes or whatever may be in the closet and organize, get rid of stuff and just make it really nice. At the end of the week, all of my closets in my house are nice and neat. I feel refreshed after I do that. And then of course I take all the winter clothes and put them in storage bins and bring out the summer ones.
Also, I would LOVE to win a pedicure. I've actually never had one done, so this would be a first and much needed.
Stephanie Nydegger

SarahAnne said...

Oh, this is just up my alley. The giveaway, that is. Spring cleaning...not so much. LOL I don't really do a big deep clean b/c I try to do it systematically throughout the year (TRY being the important word there, LOL), but the thing that makes my home feel fresh and alive again is just opening the windows and airing out the house. It just makes everything feel cheery and light and clean, even if it's not so clean. There just something about it!

Lucky Me said...

I love to clean up the yard, get the outdoor furniture out and cleaned up, clear out the cobwebs and piled up dirt from all the corners of the yard, wash the deck and porches. I think I like it so much because the kids get to play outside while I work. After being pent up for months even the brisk spring days feel great.

Mauri said...

first of all...I'm new to your blog, but I LOVE it! such cute backgrounds.
spring means warmer weather so the windows of the house are ALWAYS open and I try to de-junk all the collections that have built up from months of playing inside.

Joni said...

Since my husband is an accountant, spring means an end to a very long busy season without him around much. So, from January to March, I do a little spring cleaning each day to pass the time away. This allows us to have more time to spend outside enjoying the spring weather when it comes and to enjoy doing fun family things with Daddy is around.

Becky said...

I rearrange the furniture. Somehow that makes the room feel like new. I also give each of my children a rag and spray bottle (Windex or water depending on their age) and let them go to town (fronts of drawers, the dishwasher, fridge and walls). It makes them feel important to be helping me.

Becky Hadley

~Morgan~ said...

my spring cleaning list always includes the jam under my toenails. :)
i clean it out in preparation for flip flops.
it would be wonderful to have someone do it for me this year.
heh heh.

~Morgan~ said...

tickle my toenails! i forgot to leave my email address.

don't disqualify me for leaving two comments please:)

Kate said...

I like to break a room up into smaller areas that I can clean and organize quickly. One shelf or one drawer is a lot less intimidating that an entire room and I'm more likely to finish the task if it's small.


NikkiAWardell said...

For spring cleaning I like to wash down the walls and baseboards! With 8 little hands in our houses our walls get dirty dirty. For my "self" spring cleaning I love to get out and walk, play soccer with the kids, garden...anything that gets me out in the spring air and moving after a long winter!!:)

KellyAnn said...

I try to get everything done inside so that I can spend as much time outside as possible when the warm weather hits. I Love cleaning things up, planting new trees and flowers.


Tiffany said...

I'm moving to Provo in just a couple of months and would LOVE to win!!
We've been de-junking to prepare for our move as well as working out in the yard. I love to see my flowers already poking up!

Memmotts said...

The best thing for me is taking everything out of the garage and getting rid of all the dust. There is just so much dirt and dust that collects in there and its nice when it's gone.

memmottd32 at yahoo dot com

jen said...

I go through all my kids clothes and have a big yard sale.

Melissa said...

I go through my kids toys and pack up anything they haven't played with and put it away in the garage, and rotate them so they feel like they get new toys every couple of months.
melissa karren

Jamie Steen said...

I remind myself what the use of each room in my house is and remove anything that doesn't jive with the practical use of the room. If it's a place I read, eat, sleep and dress. I only have things in that room that I would need to do those things. I am amazed how quickly those rooms become clutter free.

Brenna said...

Oh the cleaning never ends!!!! I am going to tackle my walls this spring. We built a new house 4 years ago and I have not done it yet, but they are soooo needing it!!!


Lisa said...

Everyone has posted such great comments, I don't know what more I could say??
I like a change for spring. I look around my house for furniture or deco that can be repainted or repurposed for another room, to mimimize the spending on new stuff.


Lisa said...

Everyone has posted such great comments, I don't know what more I could say??
I like a change for spring. I look around my house for furniture or deco that can be repainted or repurposed for another room, to mimimize the spending on new stuff.


The Frampton's said...

My spring thing to do is to just go through EVERYTHING...and get some stuff for a yard sale. We like to buy something for our kids with the money we get. This year our kids want a trampoline..So hopefully we will be able to get that for them.
I have never had a pedicure before...cuz I'm not really a foot person...but I thought what the heck..why not put in to try and win a free one...so then I can see why everyone loves them. :)
P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog:)

The Burke Family said...

I like to do a really good spring cleaning and clean all the windows. Then I like to get out all the patio furniture! I like to get a few new clothes for the spring! Then its time for the yard work, there's nothing like a fresh cut lawn!!!
Nellyn Burke

Meg said...

I sort through my spring/summer clothes and give away anything that doesn't fit or i know I won't wear. I also sort my sweaters and winter coats BEFORE I put them away--no point in storing something I'll never use again!


Anonymous said...

Ashlee Webster
My favorite spring cleaning is the windows!! Then you can look outside and you don't see rain spots! I absolutely love it.

dean said...

with spring around the corner- getting outside some even when it's cool to work in the yard. something soothing about having hands in the dirt & working the ground. also we purge lots- take clothes to shelter, give to neighbors, or donate. books, dishes, etc...all through the house =)

like the idea of repainting the baseboards- that's a keeper!

thanks for all the fun backgrounds & stuff! makes me smile


Dustin and Kelsey said...

Well, I am newly married and so I'm not so good at this whole spring cleaning stuff yet but what I think I am going to do is move around all the furniture, put away the winter clothes and make a beautiful garden!


Sarah Baker said...

The thing that motivates me to spring clean is to put on some happy happy music, some good old Jackson 5 works for me:)

Sidney said...

Gather the neiborhood kids and have a weed pulling contest. Pay them a penny a weed. they love the competition and you get the yard weeded!

Jessica said...

I am going to clean my car inside and out, and get a springy-smelling air freshener. jessicazincke@gmail.com