It's time to say goodbye!

As you have probably figured, my templates are no longer working. I apologize for any issues this has caused to your blog.

I am sure you have noticed I haven't posted a new template for quite some time. Alas, my little family, work, and other things have required my time. I have enjoyed this creative space as a hobby. I am grateful to all those how enjoyed it as well.

If you look to the right column you will see I have listed several other free blog template sites. There are some good ones. If you would like to leave a comment for others I don't have listed, please do so. I am sure others would appreciate it!

As always.... HAPPY BLOGGING!

*** How to remove my template (or the photobucket image) ***
My templates have been added to your blog through a gadget. You need to go into your dashboard and select "Design". Look through your gadgets to find the one where you have my html code. "delightfuldots" will be in the wording towards the bottom of the gadget you have set up for my template. Once you find it, you will want to delete the gadget.
If this is not making sense, email me directly and we can try to figure it out together.
I found fun, new site where everything posted is free. Check out Scrappiness Downunder.

I simply love the free kit I snagged.

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Another great scrap book kit from Summer Designs. Just in case you couldn't tell.... she is one of my favorites!

This kit was inspire by a friend in need of some help. Go check out her site!

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Boo - Tiful

The scrapbook kit I used for these templates are from one of my favorites. Summertime Designs has some of the best free papers available. Check out her kit here.

Fun Fall Flowers!

I know.... it's been forever!

My excuse?

Football & 4 cute, athletic boys!

I hope you enjoy this template!! This fall creation comes from Scrapping the Joy.

Ellie's One

Nicole's Train

One of my favorite kit designers has posted a real fun kit for this week.


Google Documents has changed their settings. I realize many of you have been having some issues accessing my templates. Please email me if you find any problems.

Happy Blogging!!

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Oh my! I am sorry if you have tried to load some of my latest templates and run into some issues. Everything should be fixed and ready to use. Please let me know if you have any problems in the future.

Happy Blogging!!

Slightly Simple

Here are a few templates that are more on the simple side. I hope you are enjoying your summer! Shoot me off an email and let me know if there are some particular colors you are looking for!

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New Blogger Templates

Blogger has a new feature called "Template Designer". You'll see it where you add and rearrange your gadgets on the "Design" tab of your Control Panel. Go into the new design area (it's all sleek modern black looking) and you'll see that "Minima White" (the best template for using my backgrounds) is no longer a current preset template option. SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?...

You don't HAVE to change your preset template right now if you don't want to (if your background is functioning correctly and you don't want to change anything). BUT if you do want to play around in the new template designer the new preset template that works best with Dotty Dot Dot FREE Blogger Backgrounds is the "Picture Window" template (choose the first square, the blue one). The cool thing with this template is that 1) it works well with the free backgrounds on this site, 2) there are many layout arrangement options, 3) the columns are easily adjusted to any width! FYI - The "Awesome Inc" templates work well too.

When you're done playing with your new template and all of it's fun options in the new "Template Designer", hit the "back to Blogger" button (in the top right corner) and you'll return to your Blogger Dashboard "Add and Arrange Page Elements" area on the "Design" tab which is where you can add your cute and fun FREE background from this site (and add headers and other gadgets). And here's a reminder how to add the background;
  1. Copy all of the Background's code.
  2. Go to your "Design" TAB. (not the "Template Designer"- if you're in the TD, hit the "back to Blogger" button (in the top right corner) and you'll return to your Blogger Dashboard "Add and Arrange Page Elements" area on the "Design" tab which is where you can add your cute and fun FREE background from this site (and add headers and other gadgets)
  3. Click "Page Elements".
  4. Click "Add a Gadget".
  5. Choose to add an "HTML/Javascript" gadget.
  6. Paste your Dotty Dot Dot background code in that dialogue box.
  7. After you save it, you may move that box wherever you like in your Layout tab (even to the bottom) - and it should be easy to remove by clicking "edit" on the gadget box containing the code.
  8. Ta-Da! You have a new background!

*** If you're hard core old school the old layouts are still available. You can still find "Minima White" if you go to your "Design" TAB > "Edit HTML" > scroll down to "Old Templates" > "Select Layout Template" > "Minima White".

Thanks Dotty Dot Dot for explaining this process.

Freedom Fun

My favorite holiday is 4th of July! I hope you enjoy these cute templates which were made by Tiggconns Scrap Designs.

Just for Fun - ALL WEEK LONG

I have several templates that I have made over the years but never posted them. I either used them for my own blog or made them for someone else. I figured I would share them with you all. I do not have a scrapbook link to reference these the designs this week. I have used a little of all my favorite designers to make these templates.

I will post a new template every day this week. So keep checking back!

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Happy Dad's Day

Happy Father's Days everyone! My dad is one incredible man! I admire him and I am grateful for the lessons he has taught me in my life. He really is the best!

Enjoy this collage of fatherly designs. This template was made from CuddleBeez Scraps. Check out her site here.

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Cari Creates Summer Fun

Summer is quickly approaching. Too bad the weather isn't showing much of it.

The templates this week are from Cari Creates. Check out her incredible site. If you would like the kit please click here.

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Spring Flair

This design was made from Christins Creations. For the free kit please click here. Enjoy!

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Do you want your own customized template?

Is there a particular color, design, or idea you have for you blog but just don't know how to do it? Maybe you don't have the time or patience to set your blog just the way you want. Guess what? I have a solution for you....

Delightful Dots!

For the next two weeks I am offering my services. I am hear to help design the special template you have always wanted.

You are thinking, there is a catch.... and yes, there kind of is. I am hosting a donation for Rex Stuart. A donation (donation button on the right column) of $25 or more is all you need to donate and I will get you over your customized template. I take all types of requests. I will make the template only. Please email me with specific questions.

Spring Might Spring

I found yet another new great site. Are you ready for spring yet? I am!!
This weeks templates come from Tiggconns Scraps. Take a peek at this great blog. Click here for the link to the free scrapbook kit.

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It's the Little Things

This weeks templates come from Jaelop Designs. This is my first time visiting her site..... and WOW! What an incredibly talent woman! Enjoy!

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